Artist's Statement

    My collages offer an exploration of the many facets of human nature; visions of the way we might perceive each other and present ourselves, how and what we choose to take in and subsequently give out. They present fantastical and playful landscapes that simultaneously express a Micro/Macro view of social perspectives, cultural boundaries, consumerism and identity. My work reshapes the images and messages that are projected at us and onto us from every direction, to derive a new perspective of experiential meaning and emotional salience.
    In the process of my work, I swim in a sea of collected paper ephemera, gathering impressions of humanity from the near and distant past. Each of these fragments represents only a paper-thin sample of the thousands to millions of tangible goods and materials. I highlight the socioeconomic strata and mirror the reflections of our culture. I find the zen in dissecting these relics, reviving the remnants by re-configuring them to spark a new story, thereby translating the images of our former selves into illustrations of our personal evolution.


All images © Niki Haynes 2016